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how far is the resort from Chaulkhola or Bus stand to beach any hotel

how far is the resort from Chaulkhola

  • Chaulkhola is 10-12 km away from Mandarmani it’s 1st beach and 2nd beach 🏖 20km from chaulkhola. Just remember one thing, if you get off at Chaulkhola, book cars as they will charge around 200 to 400 to go to Mandarmani ny beach or hotel. There are big autoruns on the route. It takes Rs30-40 per head and max 15-30 minutes to reach Mandarmani 1st and 2nd beach. Make sure you have sufficient cash in hand. Bcoz there is only 1 atm available at Mandarmani which gets empty pretty fast. Next is 10 km away. you can book an auto it’s charged 150-250 toto E rickshaw also have their .
  • call book hotels or auto car toto 9093776417
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