Xiaomi and Samsung's competition this Diwali will benefit the users

India is the second largest mobile market in the world. In India, there are many companies’ handsets present. But there is going to be a tough fight between China’s Xiaomi and Samsung of Korea. The collision between mobile brands is not new. But in the festive season, a different match can be seen between Xiaomi and Samsung. Because these two companies have a 60 per cent stake in the Indian market. The handset maker annual revenue includes a third of the festival season sales.
Based on the figures of April-June of 2018, Counterpoint has placed Samsung ahead of Xiaomi. At the same time, IDC has put Xiaomi ahead. According to Canalys, the competition Xiaomi and Samsung are equal. In the last two quarters, after being the Leader of Xiaomi ], three analyzes in April-June have given mixed judgment.
According to Manoj Jain, India Head of Xiaomi, the company is in the way of development, he has no problem with the top position. It also said, “We have sold 10 million units in a quarter, which is a record in itself.” At the same time, Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications chief executive DG Koh said, “The company is always in India Competition has to face. But we have not made any change in our strategy. “
Xiaomi’s online market is quite strong. In such a way, it is now focusing on Mi outlets. At the same time, Samsung’s position is much better offline. Therefore, it is focusing on the online market. Apart from this, Samsung has many devices at different prices. But Xiaomi is trying to reduce this gap. Countpoint analyst Anshika Jain said, ” This time the competition between the two companies is going to be quite tough. Because both companies are adopting multi-channel strategies to increase their market in the mid-range range. “

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