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Get Oppo F9 Pro at just Rs 3,915, Know the complete offer

Indian Telecom company Airtel has announced that it is selling Oppo F9 Pro at its online store. Airtel has come up with an amazing offer at Oppo F9 Pro. It is worth mentioning that Oppo F9 Pro has been launched in India last month. Last week, Oppo F9 Pro’s cell e-commerce website was held at several offline stores including Flipkart, Amazon India and Paytm Mall. This handset of Oppo is easily available on down payment of Rs 3,915. If you want to avail of this offer, you will also have to subscribe to Airtel’s postpaid plan for 12 months. Let us explain in detail about the offer.

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Oppo F9 Pro has a price of Rs 23,990 in India. Under the Airtel offer, it is available on the down payment of Rs 3,915 on You will have to pay Rs 2,099 per month (Airtel Plan x 12 months). With Monthly Installment of Rs 2,099 you will get 50 GB data per month, Free Airtel TV subscription, Unlimited Calling (Local & STD), Free National Roaming. At Airtel’s online store, you can buy Oppo F9 Pro in Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue two color options. The handset stereo is also available on other retail partners in purple color.

Airtel handset gives the damaged protection on the handset above Rs 26,200. So Oppo F9 Pro is not part of this offer. The thing to note is that the Airtel Oppo F9 offer is only for postpaid users. Prepaid customers will be able to avail of this offer after purchasing a new postpaid SIM or after shifting their existing prepaid connection to postpaid.

To buy a handset from the Airtel online store, first visit the website and click on Oppo F9 Pro. You must first check your qualification for loan application. After you check the eligibility, make the down payment, Airtel will deliver the smartphone to your address. Planet will automatically activate as soon as the aerated postpaid SIM is activated in the smartphone. In addition to thatopo F9 Pro, you can download Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 +, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy Note 8, Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Many premium smartphones are also available for sale.


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